A chat with Frestival chef Richard Fletcher

A chat with Frestival chef Richard Fletcher<

A chat with Frestival chef Richard Fletcher

Five minutes with…..Richard Fletcher

The Frestival team is delighted to welcome Richard Fletcher, chef and proprietor of The Pheasant Inn at Admaston, back to the cookery theatre for the 2020 free-from event.

Richard brings with him the challenge of dairy-free and lactose-free cooking and his tasty delights went down a storm at our event in 2019.


We had a quick chat with Richard about food and why he is looking forward to returning to the West Midlands Showground in May!


How long have you been running the Pheasant Inn at Admaston now?


It's been 13 years, although I have been cooking since I was 16-years-old. It’s lovely to have a role where I am able to work with local, fresh, Shropshire ingredients and support British farmers.


What changes has The Pheasant seen in the past year?

We are always improving the building to make it new and exciting for our customers. We recently redecorated our function room in a more traditional style but with a modern twist. The garden is always a favourite in summer...it’s the perfect Shropshire beer garden.

What is your favourite meal to cook?

Sea Bass with wild garlic butter. I love waiting for the first English asparagus, the first wild garlic, the first Jersey Royal potatoes. We go out and hand-forage for garlic locally.

What is your favourite meal to eat?

I have so many! It’s probably Roast Beef and Yorkshire puddings as I am a Yorkshire man. You can make Yorkshire puddings dairy-free with a different milk, like almond milk. It gives it an extra twist.

What is a Yorkshire man doing in Shropshire?

It started with moving around and learning my trade, trying to better myself and find better ingredients. When you come to Shropshire, it’s a place you do not want to leave. I felt comfortable and at home here and fell in love with the place.

What did you enjoy about Frestival last year?

There were a lot of people with their own knowledge about food and they were interested to find out what us chefs knew too. You could feel it was something that would grow and expand and it was great to be involved.

What will you be cooking at Frestival?

I will be making a dairy-free dish again. I plan to develop what we did last year at the demonstration and I will perhaps take a new slant on a popular dish. Dairy-free dishes have developed even in the last 12 months so there quite a lot more offerings.

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