An Introduction to the Shropshire Frestival

An Introduction to the Shropshire Frestival<

An Introduction to the Shropshire Frestival

When people hear the words free-from they generally think about food, more often than not food that is dairy-free or gluten free.

But Frestival 2018 wants to go much further than that. We want to widen the free-from scope and bring in everything that is free-from.

Whether a product be free-from wheat, gluten, dairy, meat, nuts, animal products, palm oil, sugar, or even plastic - we want to feature all free-from items.

There are so many reasons why a person may choose to look for items that are free-from a certain ingredient or product, and so many reasons why a person may have to avoid products that contain a certain ingredient or product.

It is these people that we hope will be able to walk through the gates of Frestival and find food, drink and products that they can eat, drink or use without needing to scan the back of the packets.

We also know that eating free-from can be a choice for many, especially those who are vegetarian, vegan or paleo - and we hope to provide a great event for all lifestyles.

We will have a Vegan Village and a Paleo Village on site which will not only offer producers and exhibitors but also information about these specific diets and lifestyles.

Our speakers will be telling visitors about the world of Paleo, Veganism and more, we even have an open discussion on Fibromyalgia and Food.

And of course we want people to know how to cook with the food and drink on offer so we have some superb chefs on hand to show you exactly how it’s done in our cookery theatre.

We have six months until the big day on May 19th, 2018, and we have a lot more to do - but we will keep you informed about the producers, speakers and chefs you can expect to see.

We appreciate your feedback and ideas as this will be the first Frestival to take place. Feel free to email us on

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