It's easy to eat out and still eat freefrom foods

It's easy to eat out and still eat freefrom foods<

It's easy to eat out and still eat freefrom foods

A few years ago, it was nearly impossible for someone needing to eat freefrom foods to go for a meal out.

It would just be a plate of rather unappealing salad.

Now things have massively changed in the restaurant world.

Restaurants, cafes and even pubs are realising they need to cater for a wide range of diets.

Finally, there isn’t just one gluten-free choice on a menu but several.

Finally, there are more vegetarian options. Finally, there are even dairy free options and tasty vegan dishes.

It’s time to eat out and eat out healthily with no fear of an allergic action. Result!
Now we see gluten-free cakes and sandwiches in cafes and full gluten free meals in restaurants.

There are some great places to visit in Shrewsbury and more and more restaurants are offering freefrom options.

We love CSONS, a friendly cafe-restaurant in the heart of town, which uses locally sourced produce and understands the need for freefrom foods.

Another favourite is The Good Life, which is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant. They offer dairy-free puddings and their salads and seasonal foods are prepared daily.

Why not also try the River View Cafe, which has lots of freefrom options on its menu and has the perfect view, overlooking the river.

It’s all about celebrating and enjoying food and when you get to do that out and about, it’s fantastic.

Find out more about where to enjoy delicious meals out at Frestival on May 18, 2019.

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