More free-from brands available at local supermarkets

More free-from brands available at local supermarkets<

More free-from brands available at local supermarkets

As people who need to look for free-from brands in our weekly supermarket shop, we at Frestival, have noticed an increase in their availability, which is fantastic news.

More and more people are buying free-from foods for both medical reasons but also due to to their health credentials.

The demand for these products means supermarkets are stocking a lot more variety and a wider range of brands.

While a few years ago there was just a shelf of free-from foods, now there are whole aisles with all sorts of products from biscuits to pasta.

As well as people with allergies, the drive for free-from food has come from our desire for a healthier lifestyle.

One in five people in the UK say someone in their household avoids ingredients because of an allergy or intolerance — and a quarter say they do so for general health reasons (Mintel, 2016).

More people are adopting vegan or vegetarian diets too or choosing to eat less meat, which changes the way we shop.

Many people say they feel healthier by cutting gluten from their diet.

People are committing to more specific diets so are seeking out more free-from foods and supermarkets are reacting to that demand.

For people with allergies, this is fantastic as it means supermarkets are finally realising there is a need for free-from foods.

We have found some great foods recently. Here’s our favourite free-from brands.


  1. Have you tried No Cow Chocolate? It’s amazingly creamy but without the dairy.

  2. So Delicious Dairy Free creates dairy-free ice-cream, yogurts and milk alternatives.

  3. Lucy Rocks Granolas are delicious - they are all organic, vegan, grain-free, gluten-free and refined sugar-free but taste absolutely scrumptious.

  4. For healthier crisps, try Emily Crunchy Mixed Roots, which are vegan free.

  5. Explore Cuisine makes a fantastic range of bean and pulse pastas as an alternative to the classic wheat pastas. There’s black bean spaghetti or edamame and mung bean fettuccine and green lentil lasagne sheets. No need to cut out pasta now!

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