Paleo expert offers a Healthy Perspective

Paleo expert offers a Healthy Perspective<

Paleo expert offers a Healthy Perspective

Taking your first steps into a new way of eating and living can be a daunting prospect. And that's why our first Frestival speaker of the day created an online resource to act as a guide through the transition into a paleo lifestyle.

Healthy Perspective, launched by Jan Minihane in 2014, offers advice and recipes for those branching out into a new way of eating (in summary, paleo involves looking at what our cavemen ancestors would have eaten and swapping grains and processed sugars for meat and fruit.

But the Healthy Perspective website isn't just intended for those who are new to the diet, it also acts as a handy guide for those who have been committed to paleo for longer, and it brings members of the community together.

As well as articles and product reviews, Shropshire-based Jan - who'll be giving a talk at 11am in the lecture theatre on the day - also has a directory which lists everything from clean eating restaurants and farm shops to paleo holidays and retreats.

Alongside running the website, Jan also launched the UK Paleo awards last year which saw 14 accolades handed out, 12 for UK businesses and bloggers, one for an international winner and one special award for outstanding contribution to the paleo community.

Everything from snacks and innovative products to recipes and books were covered and there were over 100 entrants for the first year of the awards, a number which Jan hopes to see grow when they're repeated later this year (entrants can apply from the end of April and the ceremony itself takes place in September).

As well as all of that, Jan is a social media consultant and a busy mother of three, so we're definitely looking forward to hearing all she has to say about paleo living in 2018.

Visit her website to find out more and then make sure you're in the lecture theatre on the day! You can buy your tickets here if you haven't got them yet.

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