Recycling at Frestival

Recycling at Frestival<

Recycling at Frestival

When you're running an event on a large scale such as Frestival, you know there's going to be a certain amount of waste and you have to find a way to effectively manage that.

We know many of our visitors on the day will have a keen interest in the environmental impact of their actions, so we're thrilled to be able to announce a partnership with Cwm Harry, based in Powys, who will be providing recycling bins as part of their Zero Waste scheme.

Cwm Harry has a series of enterprises including a number of community gardens in Powys which supply produce to a local food shop.

The lottery-funded Cultivate project has regular volunteer days, with one of the hubs even providing a free local produce lunch one day a week.

Those involved also build wooden raised beds to be placed on any surface, providing an instant garden in locations such as at the railway station, and there are tools, seeds, plants and advice available at each site for people who want to be able to grow food for themselves without the daunting task of going it alone in an allotment.

Cwm Harry also took on the running of one of the UK's first community owned farms three years ago (Ffarm Moelyci). The idea is to combine growing good food with nurturing strong communities, not only giving others the chance to have a hand in sustaining the 340 acres covered by the farm, but also offering the opportunity to hire space for businesses either on a permanent basis for those looking to relocate their office or for conferences or meetings. There’s also a kitchen which can be hired and a barn perfect for parties and events.

SussEd is the teaching part of Cwm Harry's mission - passing on 'practical skills for building a resilient future' through training, courses, taster events, public speaking and consultancy. Phew! That's a lot of projects - but there's one more, and that's the one we're partnering with them on.

Zero Waste aims to reduce waste by inspiring communities to think about reuse and recycling. They're inspiring community action and building a network of people who are taking responsibility for their own waste and the waste of others around them. Examples include Presteigne and Norton on the border, where the community took on the zero waste challenge and reduced the amount they sent to landfill by 60 per cent while achieving a 75 per cent recycling rate.

Inspiring stuff, we're sure you'll agree. We’re certainly happy Frestival-goers will be able to make use of the recycling bins provided by them and hope you'll join us in aiming to keep waste to a minimum at the event.

For more information about Cwm Harry's enterprises, you can contact them through their website.

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