Speaker will bring New Superfood to Festival

Speaker will bring New Superfood to Festival<

Speaker will bring New Superfood to Festival

We're just weeks into 2018 and already the media has identified the superfood of the year. But they're decades behind the latest speaker to be confirmed on the Frestival line-up.

Helen Wang has been eating jujube fruit since she was a young girl and now spreads the benefits through her company Abakus Foods.

Jujube fruit - also known as red date - has been promoted in the Far East for thousands of years and that's how she came to know about the food from an early age.

Although she grew up in Germany, Helen's Chinese heritage meant she regularly ate jujubes and then when she moved to London her mother made sure she still had a regular supply.

Fans of the fruit say not only is it gluten, dairy, refined sugar and sulphite free and suitable for vegans, it also contains 18 amino acids essential for recovery and tissue repair and phytonutrients which calm the mind, uplift the mood and improve sleep.

It's an antioxidant helping to boost the immune system and ward off age-related health problems and is also a natural sweetener which can help people reduce the amount of refined sugar they eat.

Now Abakus Foods' range of jujube-based snacks and ingredients is available in over 100 Grape Tree stores across the UK and online at Ocado.

In the last three months of 2017, over 50 publications mentioned Abakus and the focus on jujube free is only set to grow now it’s been labelled as 2018's superfood.

Those visiting Frestival will be able to find out for themselves why Helen is so invested in jujube fruit that she travels around the world to source them - alongside hickory nuts which are also sold by Abakus.

A demonstration at 3.30pm will see visitors find out about reaping the benefits of the fruit as well as being able to taste the snacks and jujube tea for themselves. Helen will also be able to talk to those coming along about how to incorporate jujubes in to a free from diet.

It's worth stopping by to try 2018's superfood for yourself! In the meantime, you can find out more at Abakus Foods' website or take a look at their Instagram page for recipe inspiration.

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