Today is National Gluten Free Day

Today is National Gluten Free Day<

Today is National Gluten Free Day

What will you be doing to make people more aware of those who follow a gluten-free diet?


Here are a few ideas to take part.


  • Why not invite a friend to share a gluten-free meal with you?  If you are already gluten-free, you could introduce a friend to a new way of eating. Or if you are not, why not find a gluten-free friend and ask them to teach you about their way of eating? You might learn some new recipes you love.
  • Make a gluten-free recipe. Try baking from scratch with alternative flours such as rice or almond flour. Just give it a go!
  • Share what you’ve done! Why not post a photo of your gluten-free meal on Facebook or Instagram? Then your friends will see it and may make it too. That creates even more awareness.


Some people follow a gluten-free diet because it stops post-meal bloating and generally makes them feel better. For others, such as those with Coeliac disease (a serious genetic autoimmune disease that’s easily triggered by gluten), it’s imperative.


Whatever your reason for a gluten-free diet, it’s important to read ingredients carefully and make certain changes in your lifestyle. It’s also important to see a doctor before making changes to your diet. 


Firstly, what is gluten?


Gluten is a family of proteins found in wheat, barley, rye and spelt.


Secondly, how to do I become gluten-free?


  • The easiest way to avoid gluten is to eat unprocessed, single-ingredient foods. Otherwise, you need to read the labels of all foods you buy.
  • Many foods are naturally gluten-free, such as meat and fish (as long as it is not battered or coated), eggs, plain dairy products, fruit and vegetables, grains such as quinoa, rice, buckwheat, oats, corn and tapioca, potatoes and flours such as soy, almond, corn and chickpea, nuts and seeds, spreads and oils, herbs and spices and most drinks, except beer.
  • Remember just because something is labelled gluten-free doesn’t make it healthier. A box of gluten-free biscuits will contain the same number of calories as a regular box of biscuits. Gluten-free does not necessarily mean better for you! 

Here’s one of our favourite gluten-free recipes to try from, the BBC Good Food guide. These are the most delicious brownies!


Happy National Gluten-Free Day! 


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