What is Clean Eating?

What is Clean Eating?<

What is Clean Eating?

Eating clean is a term that has become increasingly popular in the last few years - but many claim it is now completely misunderstood.

And we would agree, purely because depending on who you are speaking to will depend on what definition of clean eating you get.

The team behind Frestival is made up of a variety of different free-frommers (apologies for this brand new word but it seemed appropriate).

One of us uses free-from products due to IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), another eats a gluten-free, sugar-free diet partly for health reasons and partly as a lifestyle choice - and I think we are typical of many people that will attend Frestival.

Ultimately everyone should be free to make their own choices on what they eat or the products they use - whether it be because they need to or because they want to.

When we look into it the term clean-eating arose to describe eating whole, real foods - vegetables and fruit, nuts, seeds, whole-grains but many dieticians claim the term now implies that if you do not eat a certain way then you are ‘eating dirty’ and that is not the case.

So clean eating as a term is one that is slowly being phased out. One term we like is colourful eating - more often than not you find that food and meals with vibrant colours are free-from, and very tasty.

We are looking forward to providing you with an array of colourful choices at Frestival - but we also hope to provide you with the information a lot of people are looking for when it comes to diet and/or lifestyle choices.

You will be able to find out more about how IBS sufferers use food to help symptoms, more about the Vegan and Paleo lifestyles, more about cooking options for vegetarians and those on a gluten-free diet, more about Fibromyalgia and food, more about food and allergies - more about as much as we can provide you with!

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